“Little World” Album credits

The physical version of my new CD “Little World” has finally arrived!  I’m super excited for the release party on November 23rd and can’t wait for you all to hear it….

Due to a very small budget for the production and packaging of these CD’s, a lot of information regarding who did what on this album has been omitted in the physical version.  I think you’ll find that remedied here;

Little World Album Credits-

This sound recording is the result of several sets of sessions occurring over the course of two and a half years or so. In a series of fits and starts, the base of each song (with the exception of “Space of a Breath”) was captured live; with me playing and singing in front of a couple of microphones in either a bedroom or living room, or live recording room in one of the various apartments and/or makeshift studio spaces we recorded in. Friends, all of whom I respect musically and creatively, then recorded additional parts to help flesh out the tunes. Those musicians are left woefully un-credited on the physical copy of “Little World” due to the limited design space that a low-budget CD jacket packaging such as I’m using allows; but I’d like to credit them here and urge you to take a moment to check out their individual musical projects.

Thanks friends, your support of my music and willingness to dedicate your time to helping get some of it recorded means the world to me. And not just a little world; a big ol’ world of gratitude is due to you all…

Additional Musicians:

Thomas D. Krebs- Percussion http://altamiralive.com/

August Sagehorn- Bass http://altamiralive.com/

M.R. Poulopoulos- Electric & acoustic guitars, vocals- Cold Comfort, Everyone Wants to be Right http://mrpoulopoulos.com/

Erin Harkes- Vocals- Cold Comfort, What Losing is Like, Everyone Wants to be Right  http://erinharkes.com/

Sarah Clark- Keyboards- Drowsy Tigers in Straw Twine, Broken String

John Rice- Slide guitar- What Losing is Like, Broken String

Ryan Dunham- Harmonica- What Losing is Like http://redhairedstrangers.com/

Ryan Slowey- Electric guitar- Everyone Wants to be Right

“Little World” players-
Ian White- Slide guitar http://swordpaw.com/
Mitch Masterson- Bass http://swordpaw.com/
Dylan Palazzo- Vocals http://swordpaw.com/
Jeff Schneider- Percussion http://swordpaw.com/

“Everyone Wants to be Right” shouters-
Bill Palinski http://blackmountainsymphony.com/
Joe D. Michon-Huneau http://altamiralive.com/
Tommy Krebs
August Sagehorn
Ryan Slowey
M.R. Poulopoulos


I’m happy to announce I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the release of my first solo record, “Little World”!  Kickstarter is a crowd-sourcing platform that aims to help put creative types in touch with the folks who have the capital to back them with works in progress such as films, albums, art projects, etc.  It’s a great site with lots of creative folks and I encourage you to check it out.

We’ve had a REALLY successful first day, but we still have a long way to go meet our goal.  Please check out the following link to see how you can help put the finishing touches on a record I’ve worked hard on.


Thanks again for your continued support, please share this link with anyone who might be interested.  Happy listening!

News of the next

…hey all, sorry, as always for the infrequent post.  I’ve been working on a new site that I hope to have up and running very soon that will be much more user friendly for both you and I.


I’m excited to announce that I’m launching a Kickstarter account in the next few days… Please check back here for more info until the new site becomes active.


We’ve finished recording a sweet little record and I look forward to releasing it in late november.  I hope you’ll be there to have a listen and celebrate with me.

Thanks for checking in, hang in there!

Weekly Shows

…I’m lucky to have a couple recurring shows that will happen in the coming months….

Thursday Happy Hours at the Bayou are a go for now; we’ll be getting together around 6:00 in downtown Albany for some drinks, some music, and some good people.  Musical guests will be along each week, starting with Thom LaFond, a great guitarist with  Sunny Side of the Street Band.  A great way to get a jump on the weekend for you state and downtown workers , we’re looking forward to seeing you at some of the shows!


Blue Mondays are also returning to the main branch of the Albany Public Library!  Prior to each week’s instructional session hosted by Ben and Tor, I’ll be playing a set between the two auditoriums starting at 6:00pm.  The shows are free and all-ages/skill level attendance is encouraged for both the shows and the classes, which focus on a different aspect of song and songwriting each week.  Had a great time doing the last stretch of these shows and looking forward to getting back to them.

In addition, look out for the Palatypus set happening March 9th.  We’ll be opening up for Zan Strumfeld at her EP release party at the very cool More Bread & Jam Cafe in Cohoes.  Good people and about as great an acoustic space as you can hope for, this will be a great show, don’t miss it!



And speaking of Palatypus, Mike Poulopoulos gears up to release his second record March 30th at Caffe Lena in Saratoga, lots of great players were on the record, keep your ears peeled, it’s bound to be good…



New Year, old blog

Hey all, apologies on the infrequent updates on this page, the server seems to suffer issues that make uploading even the simplest data impossible.  buuuut, you get what you pay for, and I currently pay little for hosting!

I’m pleased to announce several things; all of which will see more coverage here in the next few weeks;

I’m having a guitar custom-built for me!  It’s a fine piece, and I’ll be posting picks from the entire build process as soon as I can reconcile the net issues.  Hand-made by a great guy in North Adams, MA; Nick Lenski has been building guitars for a few years and is striking out on his own with a brand called Brier Road.  We have  a sweet, Adirondack-spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, plus all the trimmings to make a good guitar great!  Should be ready and mixing into the sets very soon!

Secondly, I’m pleased to announce that the Albany Public Library will be hosting me again for a residency throughout the month of March and half of April of the coming year.  Details to follow, but it will most likely follow my November and December residency and run from 6-7:00pm on Mondays…this will be followed by Rock School, an interactive program that has local musicians lecturing/teaching different elements of music to people of all ages and abilities.  It’s  great program and I’m glad to be part of it!

We are attempting to wrap up recording this month!  The majority of “Little World” is recorded, but we have a few loose end to wrap up.  I’ve been really lucky to have great people playing on the record, so keep your ears to the ground for when it hits!


Happy New Year!

APL Residency

Starting TONIGHT!, I’ll be doing a two-month stint at the Albany Public Library as a preamble to their Rock School series.   Rock school will feature local musicians giving lecture & learning talks on different aspects of song and songcraft.  Prior to each edition, I’ll be playing a solo set from 6:00-7:00pm.  The whole series (and my shows) are free and open to all age levels.  Great way to spend a monday evening, great way to support your public library!

Dates are as follow;

Nov- 11/5, 11/12, 11/19

Dec- 12/3, 12/10, 12/17

Tour booking, record making, etc…

…late March and early April have kept me busy in such a rewarding way. 

We continue to make slow, but definite progress on the “Little World” record, engineer Ryan Slowey has had an incredible amount of patience with my very particular ear, and continues to open his home to me to as we attempt to capture the feeling of some of my songs.  We’ve begun laying down drum tracks, and I’m lucky beyond measure to have the steady hand and creative mind of Tommy Krebs (of Alta Mira) behind the kit.  We have another session today, and hope to finish up most of his kit and percussion work, and hopefully some of his vocals harmonies.  Ryan and Tommy have both been great, working mostly for beer and pizza, though they both deserve much, much more for their continual help.

I’m also booking a 9 day tour in June, which I’m thrilled about.  The deli I work at in downtown Albany is closing for a WHOLE WEEK for the first time since I started there four years ago!  So I’m heading to some places I haven’t been to in a while, where I’ll be catching up with people, camping, sleeping on couches or floors, and generally doing what I’d like to be doing EVERY day of my working life.  I have 5 nights booked so far, with stops in Vermont, Mass, and NY.  I’m working on booking a few more, and the process is at once exciting and daunting.  I’m thankful for the people who have booked me so far, but I think I owe a greater debt to the places that haven’t even bothered to respond;  they remind me that giving up on your ideas/dreams is not an option if you plan to appease the wants of the heart…

A full listing of the tour will be posted soon, when things are booked solid.

In the meantime, support the folks that support folk, by checking out these links; part of the reason our progress on “Little World” has been so slow is that Ryan’s band Maggot Brain is getting ready to release a record, and while I’m not much of a metal guy, it sounds pretty great.  Incredibly tight songs, and the angst is palpable.


Also, as mentioned, Tommy plays with a superb band called Alta Mira (their bassist August Sagehorn will also be contributing to the record).  I was fortunate enough to celebrate the release of their new CD “I Am The Salt” with them last week at a show at Valentine’s here in Albany.  It’s their third, and best release so far, check them out for sure!


Alta Mira CD release party coming March 31st!

The endlessly talented guys in Alta Mira are preparing to release their second full-length CD entitled “I Am The Salt” at the end of March;

I’m thrilled to be able to help these guys celebrate, their songwriting and delivery get better all the time, and I hope this record helps to propel them into a more mainstream audience of which they are more than deserving.   If you’re unfamiliar, check them out here;


We’ll be joined at the show by Ben Karis-Nix, musician, small-business owner and all around good dude.



This will be a great show, don’t miss it!

Kaaterskill House performance with Scharling on St. Patrick’s Eve

I’ll be headed out to Stamford, NY this coming Friday (3/16) to perform at the Kaaterskill House with my friend Chris Scharling, who’s just released a batch of sweet new tunes under the Scharling moniker.  You can check them out here;


….and then see them LIVE on Friday.

I’m excited to play at “The Kaat”, and have heard that’s a supportive environment for acoustic musicians.  It’s my first time out there, and conveniently near all you Schoharie County folks that I know.  It’s also slated to be a beautiful, almost 70 degree day if the weather holds out, so I hope that will be added incentive to come out and hear some tunes… you can visit their blog spot to find out about directions and more; http://kaaterskillhouse.blogspot.com/

The show starts at 7:00, see you there….