“Little World” Album credits

The physical version of my new CD “Little World” has finally arrived!  I’m super excited for the release party on November 23rd and can’t wait for you all to hear it….

Due to a very small budget for the production and packaging of these CD’s, a lot of information regarding who did what on this album has been omitted in the physical version.  I think you’ll find that remedied here;

Little World Album Credits-

This sound recording is the result of several sets of sessions occurring over the course of two and a half years or so. In a series of fits and starts, the base of each song (with the exception of “Space of a Breath”) was captured live; with me playing and singing in front of a couple of microphones in either a bedroom or living room, or live recording room in one of the various apartments and/or makeshift studio spaces we recorded in. Friends, all of whom I respect musically and creatively, then recorded additional parts to help flesh out the tunes. Those musicians are left woefully un-credited on the physical copy of “Little World” due to the limited design space that a low-budget CD jacket packaging such as I’m using allows; but I’d like to credit them here and urge you to take a moment to check out their individual musical projects.

Thanks friends, your support of my music and willingness to dedicate your time to helping get some of it recorded means the world to me. And not just a little world; a big ol’ world of gratitude is due to you all…

Additional Musicians:

Thomas D. Krebs- Percussion http://altamiralive.com/

August Sagehorn- Bass http://altamiralive.com/

M.R. Poulopoulos- Electric & acoustic guitars, vocals- Cold Comfort, Everyone Wants to be Right http://mrpoulopoulos.com/

Erin Harkes- Vocals- Cold Comfort, What Losing is Like, Everyone Wants to be Right  http://erinharkes.com/

Sarah Clark- Keyboards- Drowsy Tigers in Straw Twine, Broken String

John Rice- Slide guitar- What Losing is Like, Broken String

Ryan Dunham- Harmonica- What Losing is Like http://redhairedstrangers.com/

Ryan Slowey- Electric guitar- Everyone Wants to be Right

“Little World” players-
Ian White- Slide guitar http://swordpaw.com/
Mitch Masterson- Bass http://swordpaw.com/
Dylan Palazzo- Vocals http://swordpaw.com/
Jeff Schneider- Percussion http://swordpaw.com/

“Everyone Wants to be Right” shouters-
Bill Palinski http://blackmountainsymphony.com/
Joe D. Michon-Huneau http://altamiralive.com/
Tommy Krebs
August Sagehorn
Ryan Slowey
M.R. Poulopoulos

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