Kaaterskill House performance with Scharling on St. Patrick’s Eve

I’ll be headed out to Stamford, NY this coming Friday (3/16) to perform at the Kaaterskill House with my friend Chris Scharling, who’s just released a batch of sweet new tunes under the Scharling moniker.  You can check them out here;


….and then see them LIVE on Friday.

I’m excited to play at “The Kaat”, and have heard that’s a supportive environment for acoustic musicians.  It’s my first time out there, and conveniently near all you Schoharie County folks that I know.  It’s also slated to be a beautiful, almost 70 degree day if the weather holds out, so I hope that will be added incentive to come out and hear some tunes… you can visit their blog spot to find out about directions and more; http://kaaterskillhouse.blogspot.com/

The show starts at 7:00, see you there….

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