Tour booking, record making, etc…

…late March and early April have kept me busy in such a rewarding way. 

We continue to make slow, but definite progress on the “Little World” record, engineer Ryan Slowey has had an incredible amount of patience with my very particular ear, and continues to open his home to me to as we attempt to capture the feeling of some of my songs.  We’ve begun laying down drum tracks, and I’m lucky beyond measure to have the steady hand and creative mind of Tommy Krebs (of Alta Mira) behind the kit.  We have another session today, and hope to finish up most of his kit and percussion work, and hopefully some of his vocals harmonies.  Ryan and Tommy have both been great, working mostly for beer and pizza, though they both deserve much, much more for their continual help.

I’m also booking a 9 day tour in June, which I’m thrilled about.  The deli I work at in downtown Albany is closing for a WHOLE WEEK for the first time since I started there four years ago!  So I’m heading to some places I haven’t been to in a while, where I’ll be catching up with people, camping, sleeping on couches or floors, and generally doing what I’d like to be doing EVERY day of my working life.  I have 5 nights booked so far, with stops in Vermont, Mass, and NY.  I’m working on booking a few more, and the process is at once exciting and daunting.  I’m thankful for the people who have booked me so far, but I think I owe a greater debt to the places that haven’t even bothered to respond;  they remind me that giving up on your ideas/dreams is not an option if you plan to appease the wants of the heart…

A full listing of the tour will be posted soon, when things are booked solid.

In the meantime, support the folks that support folk, by checking out these links; part of the reason our progress on “Little World” has been so slow is that Ryan’s band Maggot Brain is getting ready to release a record, and while I’m not much of a metal guy, it sounds pretty great.  Incredibly tight songs, and the angst is palpable.

Also, as mentioned, Tommy plays with a superb band called Alta Mira (their bassist August Sagehorn will also be contributing to the record).  I was fortunate enough to celebrate the release of their new CD “I Am The Salt” with them last week at a show at Valentine’s here in Albany.  It’s their third, and best release so far, check them out for sure!

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